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muna_muna [userpic]
by muna_muna (muna_muna)
at October 17th, 2007 (05:58 pm)

Hey, I hope this isn't against any sort of community rules, but I'd like to show you guys an ebay auction I have up. I have 2 used black 30g Apple Ipods, 2 ipod cases (one is a brand new neoprene blue INCASE), 1 pair of the original white Ipod earbuds, 1 pair of large Radioshack headphones, 1 pair of Sony NOISE CANCELING headphones (with carrying bag), 1 Car charger for Ipod (plugs in with usb cable), 1 mini speaker for Ipod. If you guys are interested, and have any questions feel free to contact me either here or on ebay.

Here's the link